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12421 Whartons Way  Raleigh, NC 27613  919 846-9045  sales@versatera.com

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Commitment to Excellence - We strive to be perfect in everything we do.

Customer Satisfaction - Our focus is on total customer satisfaction.  Some   companies focus on bottom line profit in lieu of the work.  We focus on the work, and know the profit will take care of itself.

Quality of Work - We treat all jobs (firm bid and T&M) the same.  We don't make decisions that affect the quality based on going over on a job.  We are putting our name on it.  It will be right.

Staff - Courteous, Knowledgeable, Dependable, Presentable some of the terms used to describe our technicians. 

RCDD on staff.

EHS - No job is so important that it can't be done safely.  EHS professional on retainer.  Weekly safety meetings and safety program in place.